The BDU Debating Introduction Month will begin soon! For more information, please see the attached flyer.

An English translation of the flyer is provided below.

The Zoom Link will be posted in the Facebook Group and in the Telegram Group closer to the date of the workshop.

You can also join the Einstiegsphase Telegram Group here: https://t.me/joinchat/LnxH6Bq8NoJMFEhRJAMTdQ

Or the Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1302625350102635/

Do you enjoy exciting debates? Political and cultural questions? Rhetorically exciting speeches?
Then debating is exactly right for you!
With the Berlin Debating Union you can:
– Inform yourself about current political, cultural and social topics
– Learn how to speak with presence and argue with confidence (and thereby be convincing)
– Meet students from different majors and courses of study

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

We debate in both German AND English – so there are opportunities for speakers of both languages!

The introductory phase will be completed with a day-long tournament where you will have the chance to implement everything you’ve learned over the course of the month.

11.30 – 13:30 – Show Debate
Amerika-Gedenk Library

18.00 – Seminar:
How does a debate work?
19.00 – Debate:
This house would require internet users to use their legal names online.

18.00 – Seminar:
How do I construct an argument?
19.00 – Debate:
This house would abolish the five-percent hurdle.

18.00 – Seminar:
How do I come up with arguments and debate it in different positions?
19.00 – Debate:
This house prefers polyamorous relationships.

18.00 – Seminar:
How do I judge debates?
19.00 – Debatte:
This house would implement a universal basic income (UBI).

The Klimt-Cup
Tournament for Novices