Do you enjoy controversial issues? You enjoy exchanging opinions?

We share this joy and live it out every week: Sportingly and fairly according to set rules, in the tradition of student debating. We talk about every important topic from politics and culture. Whether as an after-work hobby or an ambitious competitive sport – we have a good time together.

If you…

  • enjoy arguing about current issues in politics, society and culture.
  • want to listen to gripping speeches.
  • want to learn to perform confidently and speak freely.
  • want to argue coherently and be able to convince that way.
  • feel like getting to know students from a wide variety of subjects and universities.

…debating at the Berlin Debating Union will enrich your studies!

All beginnings are difficult… but it does not have to be. Therefore, we have designed a program to facilitate the introduction to debating:
On October 18, we will start our introductory phase with a show debate, where everyone can get an idea of what debating is like. If you have a taste for it, you are welcome to try it yourself. Starting on October 25, you will have the opportunity to attend seminars on rhetoric and argumentation every Tuesday and to debate yourself.
The program is of course open to all and free of charge.

The show debate

If you are wondering what debating actually is or want to experience an exciting and fun evening, our show debate is the right place for you!

When and where?

    • 18 Oct 7 pm
    • room 1.601, Dorotheenstraße 24
    • Topic: “Should Germany provide Ukraine with a significant amount of heavy weapons?
    • Costs: None!

Six speakers – some with a lot of experience, others with less – will debate against each other on the topic. The audience can enjoy the debate with a drink and ask questions about the topic.

No time? Prevented from attending but still interested in debating?
No problem! You can of course still participate in the other dates.

Try out debating

For all those who have acquired a taste for debating, we offer a four-week training that takes place every Tuesday at Dorotheenstraße 24 in room 1.601. You have the opportunity to participate in exciting seminars on debating and to gain your first debating experience together with other beginners.

Workshops and debates:

25 Oct

7 pm – How does a debate work?

8 pm – Debate: This house would introduce an universal basic income.

1 Nov

7 pm – How do I develope an argument?

8 pm – Debate:This house regrets developing facial recognition systems.

8 Nov

7 pm – How do I find arguments?

8 pm – Debate: This house prefers polyamorous relationships.

15 Nov

7 pm – How do I judge a debate?

8 pm – Debate: Assuming it´s possible, this house would give soldiers a pill that would make them forget what they experienced during war.

Everyone is invited to come! It is recommended to attend all events, as the seminars build on each other. However, if you join us at a later date, you can also participate.


The grand finale of the introductory phase is the Filiptseva Cup on November 19. Here you can apply the skills you have learned directly in an all-day tournament. Afterwards there will be a great party! More information about the tournament will follow during the introductory phase.

If you have any questions, please send an email to